Experience Peninsula Hot Springs with Good House Holiday Rentals.

Peninsula Hot Springs requires almost no introduction. With natural mineral laden waters, this world renown and rewarded destination, offers visitors an unparalleled sense of tranquility and time to relax and unwind. You can add your Bath House tickets or Stay and Bathe Package when booking with Good House Holiday Rentals.

The Bath House

Guests can choose to book the Bath House experience, where 20 very different pool experiences are available.  From the hilltop pool to cave...it's perfect for groups of friends or families.

Spa Dreaming Centre

For visitors 16+, the Spa Dreaming Centre offers with an array of gorgeous bathing, sauna and relaxation options.

Private Bathing

For visitors who want a more private and secluded experience frm 1 - 5 people. Select from one of the many Private Bathing packages either indoor or outdoor, with massages, meals and much much more.

Bathe and Stay Packages

Good House is delighted to be a Peninsula Hot Springs Partner. Our Stay and Bathe Packages enable guest to not only enjoy staying at our gorgeous holiday house but also enjoy Priority Entry to Peninsula Hot Springs Bath House. Check out our Packages below.

Book Good House Stay and Bathe Packages